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SuNEC 2013: There is Enough Sun for All

16-Sept-13 - Jointly organized by the Institute of Nanostructured Materials of Italy’s Research Council (CNR) and by Palermo's University Department of Electrical Engineering (Diettcam), the third “SuNEC – Sun New Energy Conference" was held in Santa Flavia, Sicily, on September 10-12, 2013. 

A nice video and photogallery is now online, along with the full Conference Report. Below is a selection of press articles dedicated to the Conference:

Eminent speakers at SuNEC 2013 included Yu A. Baurov (Russian Academy of the Sciences), Wai-Yeung Wong (Hong Kong Baptist University) Antonino S. Aricò (CNR, Italy), Francesco Meneguzzo (CNR, Italy) as well as novelist and thinker Ottavio Cappellani (Catania, Italy).

The list below includes only the presenting Author. The full list of co-Authors and their affiliation are included in the indexed Book of Abstract.

Scientific Program (PL = Plenary lecture; OP = Oral Presentation; PO = Poster Presentation)


Wai-Yeung Wong: Organometallic Photovoltaics: A New Approach for Harvesting Solar Energy
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong PL-1

Adriano Sacco (Italian Institute of Technology): Metal Oxide Nanostructures and Quasi-Solid Electrolytes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells OP-1

Yu A. Baurov: Coupling the New Nature Force with Solar Energy
Russian Academy of the Sciences and Closed joint stock Company Research Institute of Cosmic Physics, 141070, Moscow region, Korolyov, Pionerskaya, 4, Russia PL-2

Giovanni Palmisano (CNR, Italy): Photocatalysis for Synthetic Organic Chemistry OP-2

Andrea Tucci (Bitlux, Italy): A Loss Recovery Solution for Hybrid Photovoltaic and Lighting Systems OP-3


Francesco Meneguzzo: A New Traction Force for Boats and Navigation
CNR, Firenze, Italy and Hotwater Srl PL-3

Antonino S. Aricò (CNR, Messina, Italy): Solar Driven Electrochemical Conversion of CO2 PL-4

Waseem Amjad (University of Kassel, Germany): Design, development and experimental results of a solar based distillery for the essential oils extraction from medicinal plants OP-4

Giandomenico Caridi (SpA Navicelli, Italy): Revamping of the Pisa Shipyards into an Ecologically Equipped Productive District (APEA) OP-5

Carmelo Albeggiani (Medielettra, Italy): A Study on the Grid Parity in Sicily OP-6


Ottavio Cappellani (Catania, Italy): The End of the Culture of Oil: Rethinking Our Society Model in Time PL-5

Luca Degiorgis (Polytechnic of Turin, Italy): Economic evaluation of multi-purpose solar thermal systems in Italy OP-7

Sergei Manakov (Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan): Optical Optimization of Thim Film Solar Cells PO-1

Mariarita Girolamo (CNR, Messina, Italy): Investigation of Carbon Nanofibers as Counter Electrodes in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells PO-2

Svetlana Lukić-Petrović (University of Novi Sad, Serbia): Photoinduced Changes on Thin Chalcogenide Films with Copper PO-3

Giovanni Palmisano (CNR, Italy): Visible-Light Driven Oxidation of Gaseous Aliphatic Alcohols to the Corresponding Carbonyls via TiO2 Sensitized by a Perylene Derivative PO-4 

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